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Coverage List

Country Prefix Type Remarks
Algeria 213 local, 2ch  
Argentina 54 local, 2ch  
Australia 61 local, 2ch  
Austria 43 local, 2ch  
Bahrain 973 national, 2ch  
Bahrain 973 national, 5ch  
Belgium 32 local, 2ch  
Brazil 55 local, 2ch  
Canada 1 local, 2ch  
Chile 56 local, 2ch  
China 86 local, 2ch  
Colombia 57 local, 2ch  
Costa Rica 506 local, 2ch  
Croatia 385 local, 2ch  
Czech Republic 420 local, 2ch  
Dominican Rep. 1 local, 2ch  
Dubai 971 local, 2ch  
Egypt 20 Cellular, 1ch Inquire for availability
Egypt 20 Toll free Access only from land networks
El Salvador 503 local, 2ch  
Estonia 372 local, 2ch  
Finland 358 local, 2ch  
France 33 local, 2ch  
Georgia 995 National  
Germany 49 local, 2ch  
Greece 30 local, 2ch  
Guatemala 502 local, 2ch  
Guinea Republic 224 local, 2ch  
Vatican State 39 local, 2ch  
HongKong, National 852 local, 2ch  
Iceland 354 local, 2ch  
India 91 Toll free  
India 91 local, 2ch  
Indonesia 62 local, 2ch  
Ireland 353 local, 2ch  
Israel 972 local, 2ch  
Italy 39 local, 2ch  
Jamaica 1 local, 2ch  
Jordan 962 Toll free Access only from land networks
Kazakhstan 7 local, 2ch  
Kenya 254 local, 2ch  
Kyrgyzstan 996 local, 2ch  
Latvia 371 local, 2ch  
Lithuania 370 local, 2ch  
Luxembourg 352 local, 2ch  
Malaysia 60 local, 2ch  
Malta 356 local, 2ch  
Mexico 52 local, 2ch  
Morocco 212 local, 2ch  
Namibia 264 local, 2ch  
Netherlands 31 local, 2ch  
New Zealand 64 local, 2ch  
Nigeria 234 local, 2ch  
Oman 968 Toll free Access only from land networks
Panama 507 local, 2ch  
Peru 51 local, 2ch  
Philippines 63 local, 2ch  
Poland 48 local, 2ch  
Portugal 351 local, 2ch  
Puerto Rico 1 local, 2ch  
Qatar 974 Toll free  
Romania 40 local, 2ch  
Russia 7 local, 2ch  
Saudi Arabia 966 Toll free Access from Cell pending network
Saudi Arabia 966 local, 2ch Access from cell & land
Singapore 65 local, 2ch  
Slovenia 386 local, 2ch  
South Africa 27 local, 2ch  
Spain 34 local, 2ch  
Sweden 46 local, 2ch  
Switzerland 41 local, 2ch  
Thailand 66 Toll free May not be reachable from all networks outside Thailand. Cell access might be limited pending mobile network.
Thailand 66 local, 2ch, Bangkok May not be reachable from all networks outside Thailand.
Thailand 66 local, 2ch, national Not reachable from TOT fixed lines in Thailand. May not be reachable from all networks outside Thailand.
Tajikistan 992 local, 2ch  
Turkey 90 local, 2ch  
UK 44 local, 2ch  
Ukraine 380 local, 2ch  
UAE 971 Toll free Access from cell & land
United Kingdom 44 local, 2ch  
USA 1 local, 2ch  
Venezuela 58 local, 2ch  
  • Numbers should not be used for any phone related services such as Disa or Call-back.
  • Numbers should not be used for any data related services such as Sex, Gaming, Astrology etc.
  • Toll free numbers can't be called from outside their country of origin.
  • Prices and availability might differ pending time of order.
  • Prices in US$.
  • Forwarding of incoming calls can be made to any SIP device, standard phone (calling rates will apply) or Skype user.
    Channels (concurrent calls):
  • All local numbers can receive up to 2 simultaneous calls. Additional concurrent calls will receive a busy signal.
  • All Toll Free numbers are not limited by channels.
  • In some locations multichannel local numbers can be provided. Please consult with sales@israelnumber.com for availability and pricing.
    Setup for standard numbers will take usually 1 - 2 days from time you will send us a setup request and received our confirmation for it.

    Setup for toll-free numbers will take usually 3 - 4 days, but might take up to a month pending location.

    Any questions, send to sales@israelnumber.com, or call 03.9707000 ex.1

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